Made in Greenwich

Honey Moon


Pour Honey Moon on everything! Pizza, cheese, chicken, ribs, sausages, fruits, salads, roasted veg, porridge… Try it in drinks and desserts – you’ll wonder how you used to live without it!

Honey Moon has a pleasant warm tingle to it, married to a great local honey taste.

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A beautiful blend of local London honey and scotch bonnet peppers, Honey Moon is proud to support local beekeepers and their bees. We’re confident that once you’ve tried it, regular honey just won’t be the same.

It takes around 50,000 bee-miles to make one bottle of Honey Moon, so enjoy every drop of it!

As this is natural, organic honey, it may solidify or crystallise over time. To soften it again, place it in a warm place for a few hours.

100% UK honey.

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Weight 275 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.5 × 11.5 cm

240g, 1 litre

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